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Best places destinations and routes for blue cruise in Turkey gulet voyage yachting prices costs photos videos reviews.  We offer ultimate cruise experience by crewed private yacht charters, cabin charter tours with guaranteed departure , and bare boat charters as skippered or individual.

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Antalya : There are many exciting places to see and things to do when you visit Turkey. Turkey is the country that straddles between Europe and Asia. Being in the middle of two continents, this country has so much to offer to visitors; the breathtaking natural beauty, its unique historical and archaeological sites and a tradition of hospitality which every tourist in the world would love.

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Göcek : The most frequented form of travelling is by land and by air. You’ve probably done most of your travelling by driving a car, riding a bus, renting a cab, or flying by plane. It’s easier and faster that way, of course, but have you ever been on a boat where you can sit back and let the gentle waves of the water lull you into deep relaxation? Riding a yacht is a luxurious experience unlike anything else you will ever try. Nothing can beat sipping champagne while the wind blows gently through your hair, where you can smell that alluring salty scent of the water.

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Marmaris : Marmaris,Turkey can be one of the best choices for a blue cruise vacation in Turkey. If going to the Turkish Riviera, with its blue waters, white sands, and ample entertainment options is what you want to do – Marmaris can provide you with the ideal hybrid of the best of both worlds. It is both old and new, and both live respectfully next to each other. Marmaris is split into two sections, old town and new town.