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Turkey catamaran charter cruises boat rental company sailing travel tours trips holidays prices costs photos videos reviews. Sailing in Turkey is a great way to discover new destinations and places. If you like exploring and learning interesting facts, renting a Catamaran and sailing the seas of Turkey is just the thing for you.

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Sailing catamaran is a very popular charter option due to its stability, as well as amount of space and safety it provides. These benefits arise from the fact that a catamaran has two hulls joined by a frame. Each hull contains one engine. It gives you an opportunity to discover something new and have an amazing adventure on a yacht of your choice. Charter a Catamaran in Turkey and find beautiful beaches, crystal clear water and hospitable people.

If you are thinking of going on a sailing trip in Turkey, charter catamarans are a very attractive option

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Sailing a catamaran in Turkey is done at a level, since it rarely heels. This means you can walk, sit, eat, drink and live far more comfortably on a catamaran than a monohull. This also implies less possibility of getting sea sick. A sailing catamaran in Turkey provides more space than a regular sailboat, which makes it ideal for relaxed yacht charter.

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Sailing catamarans in Turkey is a bit different then sailing a monohull - due to two hulls that cannot heel, they lose more speed while tacking. As mentioned above, they are also very fast, and it is more efficient to zig zag downwind rather than heading directly away from the wind (as is the case with monohulls). Also, because of their shallow draft, you can sail them in areas that a monohull could not reach.